Our Visitors have the opportunity to "escape" from tranquility that Villa Niki offers. Some close areas they can visit are:



Tha Acherontas river
(where the gates of Hades were, according to mythology)

The ancient Oracle of the dead
(here, according to mythology, people could come in contact with the souls of the dead in Hades)

The drained today Acherousia Lake - through which Death led the souls of the dead to Hades. The contemporary Igoumenitsa, Ioannina as well as other historical and archaeological sights, such as the Oracle of Dodoni in Ioannina, the Ancient Nicopolis in Preveza etc.

Distances from:

  • the town of Igoumenitsa: 12 km.
  • the town of Parga 40 km.
  • the town of Syvota 12 km.
  • Island of Paxoi - one and a half hour from Plataria by ship.
  • The airport of Ioannina - 60 km.
  • The airport of Corfu - one and a half hour from Corfu port by ship.
  • Bus station 150 meters.
  • Night Life 500m - 12km.
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  • nekromantio
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