Outside Space

A marvelous big garden (500s.m.), clean and prim. It has citrus trees, roses, colorful boungainvilleas and many flowers. In the center of it there is a plane tree. Under this plane tree there is a paved yard with all the necessary garden furniture, an ideal spot for relaxation and food. A quiet environment, cool breeze as well as deck chairs for calm sunbathing, admiring the sensational view to the vast blue, to the mountains, to the olive tree cultivations and to the magnificent sunset.

The Impressive plane tree which prevails between the house and the sea, has a long history that began over 300 years ago.

Under its shadow, the encounter between Ali Pasas and the English Commissary of Ionian Island took place for the delivery of Armatolou Katsadonis, who was wanted by the Turkish and took shelter in Corfu. The Epirus' customs office to Corfu and Italy also operated in this location. The boats that came to Corfu anchored here and tied their ropes on its branches. In addition, the name of the village Plataria, derives from this known plane tree, which lived through Greece's struggle for freedom and both World Wars. As a matter of fact it was bombarded by the Italians during the World War II; though it survived.

This Plane tree continues up to now to house our visitors under its shadow, who admire its history and enjoy its cool.

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